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Imagine Dil Se

Satellite channel.
Channel:Imagine Dil Se
Packages:Sky UK
Satellites:Astra 2A/2B/2D & Eurobird 1
Frequency:11728 L tp 2 DVB-S SR 20000 FEC 3/41
Encoding:Nagravision 32

*There are total of 11 tv channels on this transponder (11343 v).

1DVB-S - DVB-S is the original Digital Video Broadcasting forward error coding and modulation standard for satellite television and dates...

2Nagravision - Nagravision is a company of the Kudelski Group that develops conditional access systems for cable and satellite television. The name is also used for their...

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    Channel: Imagine Dil Se
    Greetings I stumbled upon your blog by misakte when i was searching AOL for this concern, I need to say your page is quite very helpful I also enjoy the design, its amazing!
    read more... 09/07/2012


    Channel: Imagine Dil Se
    imajin dil se
    read more... 01/22/2012

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